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In 1999 a group of musical bandits called The Merrie Greenwood Band (Mark Roberts, Jeremiah McLane, Pete Sutherland, and Colin McCaffrey) were enlisted by Circus Smirkus and Disney to produce 90 minutes of music for the season production of The Adventures of Robin Hood.

The Merry Greenwood Band
CD: The Adventures of Robin Hood

(Circus Smirkus Production)
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The kids were trailed all summer by a video production team hired by Disney to document this globally acclaimed Vermont children's circus tour; eventually airing this on the Disney Channel as a 12 week series entitled "Circus Kids".

This engaging and entertaining 50 minute CD of  instrumental music features old English Country Dance melodies, Irish Polkas, Breton tunes, bouncy Jigs, rippin' fast Reels, Haunting Aires, as well as original pieces written by Colin and Pete. The music is performed on flute, fiddle, pennywhistle, percussion, guitar, bass, accordian, ketboards, recorder, trumpet, piccolo trumpet, bombarde, Mandolin, banjo, electric banjo, and kazoo. It is a great CD to pop in the player, dress up in tights, and run around the living room as Robin Hood, Maid Marion and the Merry Men - Kids love it too!! An excellent introduction to folk melodies for children AND grown-ups.

Other guest musicians include: Sarah Cantor on Recorder, Chris Rivers on Trumpet and Piccolo trumpet, and Robin Hood himself! He swung into the studio and stole the show on some timely incidental percussion.

MP3 sample:
Nilka's Waltz


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