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Make Your Way Home is a collection of 14 original songs, many inspired by life in the Vermont hills Colin calls home. These stories are full of mountains, valleys, river's and roads that steer the listener through the diverse landscape of Colin's musical and creative life. His lifelong passion for mountain music, swamp rock, backwoods blues and country folk makes this album an atlas of American roots music. Voted in the top-10 Vermont releases for 2003 by both Seven Days and The Burlington Free Press.


Colin McCaffrey
CD: Make Your Way Home

$15 + shipping

Self-produced and recorded, this CD features the work of two other native Vermonters: the beautiful singing of Patti Casey, and the tasteful Dobro and Pedal Steel work of Jim Pitman. Phil Carr provides drums for three of the cuts, Jeremiah McLane plays accordion, and Jason Bergman guests on fiddle. Colin wrote and sang them all and plays the lion's share of the instruments, displaying his facility and flair with the Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, and Fiddle.

You can easily order this CD by mail: Send a check or money order for $15 and include $2.50 shipping and handling for the first disc (add $1 for each additional disc) Payment can be made out to:

Colin James McCaffrey

PO Box 58 E. Montpelier, VT 05651 USA


Album Reviews:

"This is an almost perfectly balanced, beautiful-sounding bluegrass/folk record packed with high-quality songs and high-caliber musicianship... The vocal blend between McCaffrey, Patti Casey and Jim Pitman (also on dobro and pedal steel) is so smooth it’s almost magical. Landscapes and longing hearts get equal time here, creating a well-grounded mountain feel. Mix a little James Taylor, a bit of Randy Travis and a dash of early Neil Young and you’ve got a decent reference point. Colin McCaffrey is a picker, strummer and in-tune whistler who on his “homemade” album has many good songs...Double-extra recommended."

- COLIN CLARY Sevendays

"A rootsy standout among the singer-songwriter set, McCaffrey, 35, is an East Montpelier multi-instrumentalist who plays just about everything on his warm-sounding sophomore disc -- guitars, fiddle, mandolin and banjo, to name a few -- though he also benefits from some quality backup work by pedal steel/dobro picker Jim Pitman and singer Patti Casey, among others. Mixing old-time bluegrass, folksy Americana and a comforting vocal tone that falls somewhere between Peter Rowan and James Taylor, McCaffrey is a Green Mountain treasure worth unearthing."

- TOM HUNTINGTON Burlington Free Press

"East Montpelier-based musician Colin McCaffrey’s new CD "Make Your Way Home" is a true gem. Fusing folk and bluegrass, this fourteen-song collection shimmers with a stripped-down ear-catching groove, one that remains fresh after repeated spinning. If you listen closely, it becomes apparent that these tunes bears the mark of a singular organizing presence, and you would be right in this observation. McCaffrey (husband of Alia Waking author Laura Williams McCaffrey) is a multi-talented virtuoso whose grand design is exhibited throughout this, his second recording. His voice, reminiscent of James Taylor punctuated by a bit of high, wide, and lonesome, resonates with a beautiful clarity. This guy can sing. He also plays close to a dozen instruments - acoustic and electric guitars, basses, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, shaker, lap percussion and "heavy breathing" (listen closely) – and he plays them really well. His writing, spare, catchy, and clever - is a pleasure to the ear; his songs are poignant and witty without being at all sappy or obtrusive. My family’s current favorite – the hooky "Got the Most of You" (McCaffrey chooses to begin this tune, like many, with the chorus – an unconventional but very savvy arranging decision). And yes, McCaffrey also produced his own recording, blending together a wide variety of tracks into a seamless and unified whole. It has been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a folk/bluegrass collection as much as this one, and I don’t plan to take it out of my CD player any time soon."

- ROB WILLIAMS Valley Reporter


Track 1 Make Your Way Home - A Bluegrass/folk tune about the coming of spring and the reunion of two lovers.

Track 2 Got The Most Of You - This is a catchy bogstomping romp about infatuation with a touch of Cajun spice.

Track 3 Moonshiner's Love - A bluegrass song about a crooked Revenuer man and a pretty young mountain girl.

Track 4 I Can't Get To You - A wistful and resigned country/folk song about an inaccessible lover.

Track 5 I Need A Little Love - This up-tempo tune is a growing man's humble assessment of basic necessities.

Track 6 South Wind - A simple folk song about the warmth and reassurance that spring winds bring.

Track 7 Someone's Calling - A slightly bitter Bluegrass/folk tune about infidelity and nighttime callers.

Track 8 It's Here With You - A simple folk song about good love and a warm home.

Track 9 Home From The War - The story of a dead soldier returning home as best he can.

Track 10 Dream Of Galilee - A Gospel song that tells of a prophetic dream on the shores of Galilee.

Track 11 Lost Dog - A tribute to the sound of The Band, this is one lonely man's lament of insecurity.

Track 12 I Found Carrie - This love song speaks of the beauty and comfort found in ordinary, everyday moments.

Track 13 Up Hunger Mountain - A mountain spiritual that sings of a powerful human connection to the hills.

Track 14 Giving It Up For The Night - A waltz sung by a tired and lonely man seeking rest and redemption.

For guitars on this album Colin used: a 1999 Taylor 514CE, 1995 Taylor 410 (courtesy Allison Mann), 1935 Martin R-18, ESP Sunrise electric, and a 1975 Alvarez Yairi CY130 Classical.

For basses: 1989 Fender Jazz fretless, 1965 Fender Jazz & Zeta upright Bass (both courtesy Mark LeGrand), and a Fender Bullet Bass.

Also Colin played a Gibson Mandolin (courtesy Will Patton), ca. 1890 German fiddle, no-name Banjo (courtesy Pete Colman)

ISRC Codes

1. Make Your Way Home US-HM2-03-74269

2. Got The Most OOf You US-HM2-03-74270

3. Moonshiner’s Love US-HM2-03-74271

4. Can’t Get To You US-HM2-03-74272

5. Need A Little Love US-HM2-03-74273

6. South Wind US-HM2-03-74274

7. Someone’s Calling US-HM2-03-74275

8. Here With You US-HM2-03-74276

9. Home From The War US-HM2-03-74277

10. Dream Of Galilee US-HM2-03-74278

11. Lost Dog US-HM2-03-74279

12. I Found Carrie US-HM2-03-74280

13. Up Hunger Mt. US-HM2-03-74281

14. Giving It Up For The Night US-HM2-03-74282



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