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Colin's family is active in various music, literary, and film/theater scenes:

His wife Laura Williams McCaffrey is a writer of young adult and children's fiction. Her novels Marked, Alia Waking and Water Shaper are published by Clarion Books and are available at Amazon.com. Her next novel is in the works!

Colin's brother Brian McCaffrey is a singer, producer, lyricist, songwriter, and promoter centered in Boston, Massachusetts.

Colin's brother Desmond McCaffrey is an educator, guitarist, bassist, and songwriter living in Tolland CT. His band: Uncle Flatty

Colin's sister Maeve McCaffrey is an actress, yoga instructor, and personal trainer in Los Angeles.

Colin's daughter Cerridwyn McCaffrey is an actress, dancer and singer/songwriter living in New York City.


Colin James McCaffrey
Photo by Sally Colman

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