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Colin offers his services as a producer, engineer, session musician, publisher and co-writer with many of the artists he works with. Equipped at his home studio THE GREENROOM he has the tools, experience, and connections to make your music come to life at a price you can afford.


Contact Colin with questions and quotes on anything from a simple one-song demo to a full-length feature album project. With more than three decades of experience on the stage and in the studio, Colin runs a one-stop shop for music production. His skills include everything from pre-production song refinement, chart writing and arranging, basic tracking, overdubbing, mixing, mastering and graphic design.


Colin does spoken word (podcast, audio books), ADR, commercial music, film-scoring and online content. Whether you record in your own home project studio or have tracks from a professional studio, Colin can edit,  process and mix them to professional quality.

Colin uses Pro Tools software with excellent professional level front-end microphones, preamps and interfaces. A host of topnotch plugins are at his disposal: Waves Mercury Bundle, Sony Oxford reverb and EQ, Melodyne pitch editing software and many more.

Colin is proficient on acoustic and electric guitar, upright and electric  bass, lap steel, dobro, mandolin, violin, viola, cello, keys, banjo and percussion. Colin often does overdubs for people and projects from all over the world. Contact him regarding rates and file sharing prototcol.



Upcoming in 2020: The Beerworth Sisters, Diana Winn Levine, Jeremy Sicely, Patrick Shank, Rikki Bell, Kimberley McKee, The Radio Rangers, Joanne Garton, Fern Maddie, Donna Thunder. 

Released in 2019: Jeff Hahn, Ben Fuller, Beg, Steal or BorrowAmber DeLaurentis, Molly Millwood, Django Koenig - Alone Together

Projects completed in  2018: John Smyth - Hunger Mountain Clay; Bright Wings Chorus - No Time To Tarry; Mark Struhsacker; Two Cents in the Till, Emma Back

Jeff Hahn placed several songs on the Netflix show The Ranch from his first record Black Rose Tattoo that was produced by Colin.

Some projects completed in 2017: Tim Brick, Tiffany Couture, Corey Ryder, Northern Flyer, Two Cents in the Till, Kyle Chadburn, Mark Legrand,

Some projects completed in 2016: Mark Legrand and Sarah Munro, Colleen Bartlett, Dana and Sue Robinson, Molly Millwood

Some projects completed in 2015: Pete's Posse,Rebecca Singer,Waxwing Four, Herb Heath, JC Myers,

Some projects completed in 2014 Pete's Posse, Richard Golden, Lane Gibson Jr., Christine Malcolm, Allison Mann LIVE, Justin Levinson, Bright Wings Chorus

Projects completed in 2013: Tim Brick, Bright Wings Chorus, The New Line, Josh Glass, Mark LeGrand, and Jeff Hahn.

December 2012 The Beerworth Sisters release their first record Simple Things. Great singers, great songs. Produced by Colin. Reviewed here by Vermont's Seven Days

November 2012 Justin Levinson just released his latest EP Take My Time recorded at the Greenroom with Simon Plumpton and Colin.

November 2012 Lizzy Mandell just released her debut solo record Made for Flying recorded and produced by Colin with musical help from Pete Sutherland, Brian Clark, Will Galison, Katie Trautz and Erica Heilman. Lizzy won a Tammie Award for Singer/Songwriter of the year and Album of the year 2012. Reviewed here by Seven Days.

Summer 2012 Colin produced and guested on Uncle Flatty's 2nd record Broken Places. Winners of the prestigious 2012 Whalie Award for "Best Blues/Country Rock Band"

2011 Justin Levinson and The Valcours released This Side of You, This Side of Me produced and recorded by Colin.

Wylie Shipman and the Woedoggies, Nancy MacDowell and more...

Summer/Fall 2010 releases include Susannah Blachly's All The Colors, Nikki Matheson's Invisible Angel, Possum Haw's Fortune's Name, Uncle Flatty's Sad Songs and Wildflowers Patti Casey's Heart of a Waiting Boy

December 2009 Katie Trautz released Remembering, her latest solo record. Recorded by Colin and featuring some great pickers and singers in the traditional roots music realm. 2009 Tammie award winner!

November 2009 The Stone Cold Roosters Anywhere West is out and reviewers are more than kind in their praise. Tammie award for Best Country Album of 2009 -2 fer 2!

November 2009 John Gibbons' Small Town Dance is out and showcases John's pure and true singing and songwriting.

October 2009: Justin Levinson's new record Predetermined Fate is out. Very catchy Americana/Emo/Indie kinda' stuff. Some great instrumental work by Vergennes native Adam Popick too!

June 2009 Colin produced Myra Flynn's first solo record. All originals and lots of soul. Guest appearances by Anais Mitchell, Justin Levinson, Spark, and more. Hear it and see her here. Myra wins a Tammie award for Singer Songwriter of the year in 2009 and 2010 Reader's choice for upcoming new artist.

February 2009 Colin produced Karen McFeeter's Here and Now. What a voice!

December 2008 Colin produced Carol Hausner's first solo record Still Hear Your Voice. Mountain harmony, bluegrass instrumentation, and great singing by one of Vermont's finest traditional musicians. Carol and Eleanor Ellis finished production on another record with Colin. Their duo Reunion Road plans a release in summer 2009.

Sept 2008 Mayfly released their first eponymous record full of amazing mountain singing and great playing by Katie Trautz and Julia Wayne.

May 2008 Colin produced Vermont's famous Dr. Burma. Their first CD One Bite Won't Kill You is full of great R&B, Blues, Funk, and Rock and/or Roll.

Jan 2008 Colin produced Meg Irish's A Deeper Shade Of Blue. Ukelele is featured heavily!

Oct. 2007 Susannah Blachly's 3rd record Come On Home, recorded and produced by Colin, is out and it's a goodie. Check it out at Susannah's site.

Oct. 9th 2007 Lewis Franco's 3rd record Swinging In Daddyland, recorded and produced by Colin, is out and on the street. This is a FUN recording: it's classic sounding string swing with the Missing Cats ( Dono Schabner, Will Patton) and other local hepcats.

Fall 2007 Colin recorded Sarah Blair's first solo record Flower Of The Red Mill featuring some amazing talent playing traditionoal Irish instrumental music.

May 17th 2007: Colin recently finished scoring and recording music for 2 documentary movies about Ethiopian adoption and childhood hunger in VT.

May 5 2007: Colin's band the STONE COLD ROOSTERS released their first record OUT OF THE WOODS. This disc is bound to be a classic, 11 originals by the boys in the band and an old Bob Wills style version of Floyd Jenkin's HOME IN SAN ANTONE. Recorded at Charles Eller Studios by Lane Gibson, the sound is clean and the picking superb! Finally our fans get what they've been asking for for years! The record received the TAMMY award for best Country album of 2007!

Colin's was given the TAMMY award for song of the year by The Times Argus in 2006 for his version of Pete Sutherland's Wilderness Road from his 3rd solo record TIRED OF TOWN.

Spring 2006: Colin released his third solo album TIRED OF TOWN: a collection of old tunes and new originals with stripped down arrangements and a vintage feel. Much of the record consists of live takes of classic Jimmie Rodgers, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams, Fats Waller songs with a little seasoning of overdubbed solos. Colin is right at home singing into an old RCA44 Ribbon mic and banging on a 1935 Martin!

Colin won a "TAMMY" for 2005 Producer Of The Year by The Times Argus

Summer 2005: Colin Produced Susannah Clifford Blachly's 2nd disc Middle Of The Night. Chock full of great songs and fiddle tunes, this 16 track disc shows off Susannah's hard work over the past year. It was chosen by Seven Days as a top-10 Vermont album of the year in 2005.

Spring 2005: Colin co-produced and played on Patti Casey's The Edge Of Grace with luminaries like Pat Donahue, Moondie Klein, Taylor Armerding, Steve Light, and Gene White. It was also chosen by Seven Days as a top-10 Vermont album of the year in 2005.

Colin James McCaffrey



Green Room Equipment list:


(1) MXL 4000 Michael Joly Mod. condenser

(1) MXL 990 Michael Joly Mod. condenser

(2) Neumann TLM103 Large diaphragm condensers

(2) Mojave MA101Fet Small diaphragm condensers

(2) Rode NT5 Small diaphragm condensers

with Michael Joly MJE-384K "Roadster" capsules



(1) Royer 122 Ribbon mic

(1) Beyer M160 Ribbon Mic

(2) Cascade Fathead II Ribbon Mics with Lundahl Transformers


(1) AudioTechnica DE250

(2) Shure Beta 58

(1) Shure Beta 57 

(5) Shure SM57 (4 with Crimson audio transformers)

(3) Telefunken M81


(1) True Systems P2 Analog 2-channel

(1) Neve Portico 5017 

(1) API A2D 2 channel 312 Preamp w/converters

(2) Summit Audio TLA50 Leveling amps

(1) Focusrite Octopre Platinum

(1) Audient ASP 800



RME Fireface 802 interface 30 inputs x30 outputs

Allen and Heath QU-sb 32 channel automated mixer

Dangerous Music D-Box summing/monitoring unit

Dynaudio BM6A MkII nearfield monitors

Dynaudio  Core 47 Midfield monitors


Protools 2023

Finale 26

DSP-Quattro X

Waves v11 Mercury Bundle

Melodyne 5

Massey Plugins

Sony Oxford EQ and Reverb

Superior Drummer

Amplitube Fender

Amplitube 4

Ampeg SVX



Rolad A88 weighted action keyboard controller

Taylor 514CE Acoustic Guitar

Circle Strings dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

1950s Kay Upright Bass

Fender Telecaster (52 reissue specs)

ESP Sunrise Strat copy

Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24

Fender 5-string Jazz Bass Active w/pickup

VARIOUS:Violin, Viola, Resonator Guitar, Mandolin, Mt. Dulcimer, Ukeleles, shakers, what-have-you...

August 2004: Colin produced Montpelier native Jay Ekis and his band's first official release. With Afro, Latin, Americana, Jazz, and funk elements, this is high energy, positive vibe music with jammin' players and great songs. Rudy Dauth on Bass, Carter Stowell on drums, and Jay Ekis on guitar. Adam Frehm plays Dobro and there are a bunch of local luminaries who make cameos.

May 15 2004: Colin produced Susannah Clifford Blachly's first CD release GIRL IN THE PHOTOGRAPH. It was voted in the top 10 VT albums of 2004 by Seven Days This Marshfield songwriter/fiddler is a talented musician whose simple. intense songs and solid fiddle-playing are sure to grab some ears.

June 1st 2003: Colin McCaffrey's second album Make Your Way Home is out and on the street. Tracked at home by Colin, this 14 song disc features Patti Casey, Jim Pitman, Phil Carr, Jeremiah McLane and Jason Bergman. Voted in the top-10 VT albums of 2003 by both Seven Days and The Burlington Free Press, it's good homemade music by a Vermont-made boy!

Jan 25th 2004: Colin produced Allison Mann's The Right Time, a jazz and swing record with Vermont's finest pros playing old standards and new tunes by Colin and Allison.

August 8 2003: Colin co-produced What Is It? for Rebop Records. Based on National Educational Standards, this Math and Science related album covers the usual diversity of styles and keeps the kids actively listening. Already garnering awards and 4-star reviews, this album stars Sandra Wright, Father Goose (aka Rankin' Dan), Patti Casey and many more.

Colin produced Lewis Franco's CD ZIP CODE PLEASE. Lewis is a singer/songwriter from Maple Corners in Calais, VT. Colin also produced Lewis' first CD Your Own True Song Both these discs can be purchased online at CD Freedom.

Mother Goose's Never-Ending Tea Party a children's record with Rebop Records and the Vermont Center For The Book. The project features old folk songs, Mother Goose Rhymes put to new music, as well as new songs by Colin and his daughters. The album features Sandra Wright, Pam Manning, Diana Winn, Michael Sucher, Glendon Ingalls, Phil Carr, Jeremiah McLane, Jimmy McLaughin, Ace Leonard and many more.

December 18-23, 2000 Colin went into the famous Masterlink Studios on Music Row in Nashville to cut his solo debut album "What We've Got" with the expert help of Grammy winning producer Bil Vorndick (Alison Krauss, Bela Fleck, Ralph Stanley, Dana Robinson, and many more). The project features 10 original songs sung by Colin with backing vocal help from Patty Mitchell - one time member of the Dixie Chicks.

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