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Hermit's Gold

You found it!

This is Colin's wildcrafting page with pictures and occasional postings

about wild mushrooms, herbs, medicinals, trout, venison, partridge,

woodcock, rabbit and more.


Chanterelles September 2009 It was a great fall for these.



If you are interested in fresh and/or dried wildcrafted fungus such as:

- chanterelles

- boletes

- morels

- pig-ear mushrooms

- yellow footed chanterelles

- lobster mushrooms

- ash-tree boletes

or other seasonal mushrooms

please contact Colin for the seasonal availability and price and to place an order.



WILD Trout pictures from the past few years:

Caught up in the hills of Groton VT - This was on my Birthday, Sept 7th 2009

Waits River rainbow, she was a beauty! She may still be out there swimming around!


Wells River Rainbow, I ate this guy, sorry!



Random Nature Shots of this beautiful place called Vermont:




Cool frost.






This is what Spring looks like down in my part of the Kingsbury Valley. That's False Hellebore, Hawthorn and Birch.





Little baby Chanterelles just coming out in June 2009

Our Own Bee Balm in the back yard

This is a field in Waterville VT.

Late afternoon sunshine, hard cidre, chanterelle and honey tooth mushrooms. August 2009



Waterbury Center in Stick Season (late October)

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